I interned with Carter's in 2017 from June to August.  It was a blast, and it led to my full-time employment there after I graduated from SCAD.  I worked on the Mass Channel brands, which go into non-Carter's stores like Target, Wal-Mart, and Amazon.
The images shown here were created for my intern project, so they will never be turned into actual apparel.  I will be posting the pieces that actually made it onto shelves as soon as they're out, though!  The intern project allowed me to mimic the workflow and restrictions Carter's designers work with so I could show what I learned in my portfolio.
I designed three 4-piece sets of girls' sleepwear.  See below for my process and large versions of the final product! 
I began my process by creating mood boards for each set of pajamas I planned to make.  I used mood boards to create color stories, and from those color stories I picked the 8 colors I would use in each set.
Next, I pulled reference for characters, patterns, and layouts I was inspired by.  This included past and present Carter's designs, illustrators I admire, and even a piece of my own work.  Pinterest is a lot of help in this stage of work!
Then I designed my characters and elements.  I wanted to push the envelope a little with my designs for my intern project, since I didn't have to worry about how much money it would make.
I decided to do Cat Astronauts because I wanted to design something a tomboy would love to wear.  A dark navy background isn't typical in girls' pajamas, nor is adding a glow-in-the-dark effect, but those are both things I would have loved as a kid, so I included them!
As for my Autumn Woodland design, raccoons are my favorite animal, but they pretty much exclusively show up in boys' clothes.  I wanted to draw a raccoon for girls, and also explore my love of autumn and the forest.
In my Knights & Princesses design, I wanted to feature female knights front and center, as well as emphasize racial diversity.  Due to the limited number of colors Carter's designers work with, three skin tones wasn't feasible, but I wanted to make sure there was an even mixture of skin tones, since a multicultural cast often features 2/3rds white characters and only 1/3rd characters of color.
Cat Astronauts
And here are the final designs for my 4-piece Cat Astronauts
pajama set!
One top features a felt cat appliqué and embroidered details.
I also designed the graphic to be glow-in-the-dark!
Autumn Woodland
Here's the final for my Autumn Woodland PJs!
Knights & Princesses
And finally, my designs for my Knights & Princesses PJ set.
A unicorn appliqué with some fancy stitching in her horn and bridle.
Unused Art
This art didn't make the cut to the final lineup, but I still like
how it turned out!
After this project, my coworkers discovered that I'm good at hand lettering, so they got me to make some fonts for them to keep using after my internship was over!
Come visit again soon, when I will be able to post the work that I am doing full-time at Carter's and will be in stores!
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