For #inktober 2018, I wrote and illustrated a simple children's book about a werewolf chef who just wants the townspeople to enjoy the candy she makes for Halloween.
You can read the full story on my twitter!
"The trouble is, no trick-or-treaters come searching Through dense, spooky woods where a werewolf is lurking. But Francesca’s not lurking, she swears that she’s not! It’s just, being a werewolf, her reputation is fraught."
"Francesca just happens to be the best in the land At skillfully confecting confections by hand. Her candy is the melt-in-your mouth kind of good, And if anyone tried it, they’d love her.  They would."
"The flavor has taken months to get right, But Francesca knows that tonight is the night. Clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and ginger, A pinch of anise, then stir as it simmers."
"When the candy is cool, she readies the mold And cranks it all through before it gets cold."
"With a satisfied sigh, Francesca cleans up her mess Then heads up to bed and tries not to stress. What will they think when she arrives with her treats? Will they taste them?  Or think it’s not candy she eats?"
"Halloween, after all, is the best holiday If you want to share candy, and make friends on the way. On Halloween next year, if you need a reminder, Francesca’s shop is on Main Street.  You know where to find her."
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