A visual development project for a 3D animated film based on the classes Robin Hood stories.

I undertook a visual development project for an alternative telling of Robin Hood, in which Sherwood Forest is a planet being colonized by extraterrestrials.  These environment and character explorations are intended to identify the visual language that would be used in a stylized 3D animated movie targeted at young children.
The denizens of the planet Sherwood are peaceful, forest-dwelling folk who make their living by herding beetles and farming the fungi that grows on the trees, in which they live. Things change for the worse when a delegation from Nottingham arrives to colonize the planet and strip mine it for its valuable crystals. Prince John, leader of the Nottingham invaders, has an insatiable greed for the crystals and uses them to build her castle and power her 20-foot tall guardsman, the Sheriff. How will the citizens of Sherwood overthrow the invaders, when they’re essentially ants to the enormous intruders? Maid Marion knows that she must give up her quiet life as a beetle shepherd and partner with the cocky yet talented Robin Hood to overthrow Prince John’s regime.

I designed the two environments in which the story would take place: Sherwood Forest and Nottingham Castle
I designed and created turnarounds for four of the main characters in the Robin Hood story.
The final step was to show how the characters interacted with their environment.
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